Industrial Steel Structure Proposals


Industrial Steel Structure Proposals


Why Choose Us To Fabricate Your Industrial Steel Structure Building?


    Our experienced engineering team has successfully designed various kinds of steel structure buildings for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential applications for more than 20 years. 

    We always take into account additional considerations such as mezzanine, industrial lightning and solar panel systems when we design; bringing you customized crane systems that are optimally designed to support your desired capacity.


    We have delivered more than thousands of steel structure buildings all over the world, always on time and within budget.


    No matter the building is large or small, your project matters to us. You can count on us for ongoing professional, friendly and personal support.


Few Things For Customized Industrial Steel Structure Building:

All customization requests can be added at the time of order placement.

When providing measurements for your customizations, please ensure that they are accurate.

The cost of customizations will add to the cost of basic steel building prices.

What Shall We Create For You?

More than 24 years of experience have enabled steel structure buildings professionals to design full house system that perfectly match every specific need.

1. 24+ year experience in steel structure field

Founded in 1997 specializing in the design, production and construction of steel structure for agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential applications.

2. Steelwork solutions to meet different requirements

The design can be matched most common needs, from covering a large area for production workshop and warehouse, to small detached structures.

3. Loads for permanent and long-lasting structures

Making design according to the standard loads, to suit most situations. It is the ideal solution for permanent, flexible structures, responding to geographical restrictions in terms of snow loads, wind loads and earthquakes.

Top quality materials used ensure excellent resistance over time, appreciated long-term.

4. Solidity

Their solid, hot-dip galvanized and painted steelwork make it long-lasting and weatherproof.

5. Made in China
Design warranty are covered by a 50-year on the steel structure. Quality management system is certified ISO & CE.

6. Earthquake-resistant structures

Steel structures comply with the Technical Construction Standards, providing important innovations in the seismic design field. Structural weights are much smaller in steel constructions than in traditional ones, with a consequent reduction in seismic forces on structures and an increased seismic action dissipation capacity.

7. Thermal insulation and soundproofing

Walls and roofs are made of sandwich panels, consisting of two layers alu-zinc sheet layers filled with an inner core of polyurethane foam (PUR)/EPS/Rockwool/Glasswool.

8. Easy installation

It is easily self-installed by skilled technical workers using appropriate installation equipment. All kit components have associated codes, used in the installation manual for quick, easy identification.

9. Material ready in 4-6 weeks from your order

One of the major advantages is reduced manufacturing time, materials being ready for shipping within 4-6 weeks from your order confirmation.

10. Deliveries all over the world

11. Complete documentation for installation, shipping

Supply the relevant installation manual and most documents likes architectural drawings, container loading list, certificates of origin, packing lists, etc.

12. Customization on request

If you can not find the solution that best suits your needs, our engineers will design a tailor-made one for you.

13. Greatest attention to packaging details