Prefabrciated Steel Building For Automobile Service Center


Prefabrciated Steel Building For Automobile Service Center

  • General Introduction on Prefabricated Steel Building

Building Application: For Automobile repair and testing

Project Site: Israel

Building Area: 610sqm

Structure System: Tube truss structure+honeycomb beam

Surface Treatment on Steel Frame: Hot dip galvanization

steel building for car repair

honeycomb beam

  • How to Get Price and Design on My Project?

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Design Data

Dead Load/Live Load

Wind Speed (KM/H)

Snow Load (KG/M2)

Earthquake load if have

Request on windows and doors

Crane if have


Roof and wall materials:

Sandwich panel

Color-coated steel sheet (without insulation)

Single steel  sheet + insulation materials


Length, width, eave height

Roof slope

Single slope

Double slope

Single floor

Double floor


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