Prefabricated Apartment Building with Steel Frame

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Prefabricated Apartment Building with Steel Frame


Product Profile

Prefabricated apartment building is composed of steel frame, roof and wall panels, window and doors, interior decoration.

The steel structure components are manufactured in our factory workshop, delivered to construction site, and bolted together.

What is Prefabricated Apartment Building?
What materials are used for prefabricated apartment building?
What is Prefabricated Apartment Building?

Our apartment are prefabricated building that include all the materials necessary to install the whole apartment structure when it arrives at your site.

Prefabricated apartment building can be used for single dwelling, multi-floor house building and high-rise building construction.

This apartment building with steel frame structure type offers:

  • One-stop solution

  • Competitive price

  • Standard furnishing

  • Full time technical support

What materials are used for prefabricated apartment building?


Steel columns, beam, tubes or light-gauge steel profiles are preferred materials used in apartment building because of high structural strength, load resistance, light weight and good insulation and thermal effect.

Compared with concrete and brick construction, prefabricated steel apartment reduces building self-weight by over 60%.


Sandwich panel or with insulation materials for apartment increase thermal and soundproof performance, reduce energy expenditures, like EPS cement panel, PIR panel

Other features

Prefabricated apartment comes fitted with flooring, lighting, sanitary, plumbing and electricity.

4 floors apartment

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