Industrial Steel Structure Building Design For Factory Production Workshop

Industrial Steel Structure Building

Industrial Steel Structure Building Design For Factory Production Workshop


Product Profile

An industrial steel structure building design for production workshop can satisfy factory production, save construction cost. Steel structure workshop is an ideal solution for quick, easily adaptable and affordable structures. Moreover, a well-designed workshop can be used for various purposes, including offices, storage warehousing, and other commercial purposes.

Design for Steel Structure Workshop Building
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Design for Steel Structure Workshop Building

Load Bearing

When designing a steel structure, you should consider the load-bearing ability. You want a steel structure that can endure construction, maintenance, dust, rain, snow, and wind loads.


Lighting is an essential factor which can be a significant problem for steel structure workshop because of their size. You can utilize skylights to enhance indoor lighting during the day to help save energy.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is another crucial factor. For cold regions, you must ensure heat preservation. Alternatively, in areas that are warm, the insulation helps to keep the heat out and cool air inside.

Design Data

Dead Load/Live Load

Wind Speed (KM/H)

Snow Load (KG/M2)

Earthquake load  if have

Request on  windows and doors

Crane if have


Roof and wall materials:

Sandwich panel

Color-coated steel sheet (without insulation)

Single steel sheet + insulation materials


Length, width,  eave height

Roof slope

Single slope

Double slope

Single floor

Double floor


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Wind Resistant

Steel structures are wind resistant. Although they are light in weight, they are high in strength and have excellent overall rigidity. As a result, they can withstand strong winds and are able to be designed to meet the wind speeds in your area.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

A steel building is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. As more people look for sustainable, green options, steel buildings are an excellent option.

Get Your Steel Structure Workshop Solution from XGZ

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We have a broad range of footprints, sizes, and features available to cater to your needs and vision. Our steel structures are available in normal and irregular styles to suit the every project use and personal preferences.

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