​Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Building For Logistics

Industrial Steel Structure Building

​Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Building For Logistics

Product Description
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Product Description

Some steps are involved in construction of logistics warehouse like Site Inspection, Planning, Design, Components Fabrication, Installation etc but the most important step is components fabrication, which should be of best quality for gaining and maintaining the standards, endurance and various other benefits of an perfect industrial steel structure building for logistics warehouse storage.

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How to design a prefabricated steel structure warehouse building for logistics?

Design Data

Dead Load/Live Load

Wind Speed (KM/H)

Snow Load (KG/M2)

Earthquake load if have

Request on windows and doors

Crane if have


Roof and wall materials:

Sandwich panel

Color-coated steel sheet (without insulation)

Single steel sheet + insulation materials


Length, width, eave height

Roof slope

Single slope

Double slope

Single floor

Double floor


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What's included in a prefabricatedsteel structure warehouse building for logistics?

Basic components for general steel structure building include steel column and beam, roof and wall purlin, secondary supporting structure, roof and wall cladding, window and door, fastener.

The detailed information for steel structure warehouse for logistics:

  • Primary Frame of Steel Structure Design

Build-up H-Section, I-Section construction, truss, end wall frame.

  • Secondary Framing

Purlins and Bracings

The roof support and wall bracing of a steel structure is a connecting set that enhancing the overall stability of the building structure, improve lateral stiffness and transmit longitudinal horizontal force.

  • Cladding

2 materials options: single-skin steel sheet, sandwich panel

  • Fasteners

Fasteners: A steel structure bolt is a kind of high-strength bolt and a kind of standard part, which is mainly used as the connection points of steel structure components.

  • Window, Door, Ventilator and Skylight

There are many options for doors, windows and ventilation of steel structures.

The doors can be chosen as sliding doors, roller doors and sectional doors

The windows can be PVC and Aluminum alloy model

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