How Much Does A Steel Structure House Cost?


How Much Does A Steel Structure House Cost?


For the cost of steel structure houses, we usually consider several points: first, the material cost; second, the cost is related to the span and height of the house; third, the labor cost and technical cost of the factory. The current market price estimation is not simple, especially for such a detailed project, first of all, it is necessary to strictly refer to various costs, and it is best to have unified management to avoid such large losses, and the cost of steel structure houses is also much easier.

Due to the expansion of China's steel production and its distinct advantage in steel-structured industrial housing. Many are just beginning to choose steel structure industrial houses. It is not clear how much the cost of steel structure houses is reasonable. The price of steel structure industrial houses is closely related to the selected raw materials, project scale and other factors. The cost of the steel structure house is based on the design drawing, and the reasonable price can be given to you according to the design drawing.


The cost of steel structure houses is related to many factors:

1. The total area of steel structure industrial houses;

2. Structural span, height and design load of steel structure industrial houses;

4. Whether there is enclosure system software, color steel sheet thickness, thermal insulation layer, raw materials, thermal insulation layer thickness;

5. Whether there is a panoramic sunroof, gas building, etc. In addition, factors such as regional labor cost differences, road transportation costs, and construction enterprise qualification certificate levels cannot be ignored.


The raw materials are used differently, and even if the steel content is the same, the price difference is quite large. The price is best based on the design drawing, which is a reasonable price. The cost of the steel structure house is best based on the design drawings, and the estimated price is quite different from the specific price.


Why are most buildings in foreign countries prefabricated? 

[Light steel structure house]: The design life of the main structure of the prefabricated light steel structure house is more than 100 years. Foreign owners will re-maintain (replace) the outer wall and roof every 30-35 years. The maintenance cost is low. The same, so a house can basically be used for 2-3 generations, and it does not need to spend a lot of money to rebuild.

[Traditional brick houses]: Most of them are decorated with ceramic tiles. After 30 years of aging, the replacement cost is high. Therefore, many owners' houses are basically rebuilt in 30-40 years. After reconstruction, they must be rebuilt indoors and out. Come on, the cost is high, that's the difference between the two buildings! In the future, instead of spending a lot of money to build a house, it is better to spend a little cost to maintain the house in the future!